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Irish Life is Irelands biggest life and pension company which is reassuring when it comes to choosing someone to look after your long term financial interests.

  • Over 1 million customers rely on Irish Life to help them build better futures.
  • Ireland's No. 1 Investment Manager when it comes to the amount of money we manage for Irish people - over €34 billion of assets at the end of June 2012.
  • Irish Life paid out €1 billion in protection benefits over the last five years to thousands of Irish families.
  • No.1 Life Company - voted Best in Ireland by Independent Brokers (IBA) in 2011 and 2012 and the Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA) in October 2011.

Irelands leading pensions provider

When you choose Irish Life to help look after your pension planning, you can rely on Ireland’s leading pension experts. We are Ireland’s biggest pension provider.

  • irish companies

  • 7 of the 10 biggest Irish Companies (listed on the Irish stock exchange) have pensions with us.

  • 6 of the 10 biggest U.S. companies choose Irish Life to look after pensions for their Irish employees, These are some of the most successful companies in the world - including for many of the global super-powers in technology and finance. US Companies
  • Irelands most popular - our Consensus Fund has nearly €5.3 billion invested (Source: Irish Life Investment Managers, August 2012.) That's probably because it has consistently done what we said we said it would do - be in the top half of the performance league table.
  • Irish Life is the No. 1 brand associated with pensions amongst 30-60 year olds. (Amarach research November 2011)

Ireland's Number 1 for Assets under Management

  • We are Ireland’s Number 1 Investment Manager when it comes to the amount of money we manage for Irish people. Currently we manage more than €34 billion of assets.
  • Irish Managers received €2.8 billion new investments in 2011 - up 12% on 2010 (Source: Irish Life Investment Managers, February 2012). So even though we are the leaders, we’re consistently continuing to grow our market share.
  • Investment solutions for all needs. We have an extensive range of investment options from deposits right through to specialist equity funds. We are leaders in Ireland at delivering innovative risk management solutions across a range of multi asset funds.irish life investment managers assets under management

    The table above shows the assets under management for the investment managers of the above companies 30/06/2012.

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