Specified Illness Cover

Specified Illness cover provides a lump sum in the event that you contract one of the illnesses covered under the plan.

We have recently extended the list of illnesses we cover for any new plans and are delighted to tell you that our specified illness protection now gives you the most comprehensive cover available in Ireland.

  • We now pay out the full lump sum for 44 illnesses – previously this was 25 illnesses.
  • We offer a NEW partial payment of €15,000 for 21 milder but still life altering illnesses.

Remember: if you already have a plan with us, please check your plan terms and conditions to determine what illnesses you are covered for under your own plan.

How much could Specified Illness Cover cost me?

Cost depends on your age, health, the term, and the amount of cover you choose. Specified Illness cover can be bought seperately, or as part of a life insurance plan, such as term life insurance. If you're looking for a quote, one of our qualified advisors would be happy to help

The examples below are based on a 35 year old non-smoking male/female over a 20 year term with stand alone specified illness cover within our Term Life Insurance plan.

Customer Testimonials

See how having Specified Illness Cover has made a real difference to our customers.

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