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Get Comfortable Investing

Monday, April 11, 2016

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 New Research from Irish Life Show Ireland’s Most Uncomfortable Moments: Revealing those everyday occurrences that make Irish people cringe the most:
  • Nearly half (45%) have waved at someone, only to realise it’s not who they thought it was
  • 15% of us feel uncomfortable with men wearing lycra in public places or at work
  • 24% dread the ‘organised fun’ at work Christmas parties
  • 15% feel uncomfortable watching their Dad dancing
  • Nearly two thirds (64%) of us have been caught out not remembering someone’s name when they know ours
  • When it comes to finance, 61% are cautious investors so Irish Life has launched three easy steps to guide people to more comfortable investing

Irish Life, one of Ireland’s leading financial services companies, has revealed new research around those everyday moments that make Irish people cringe.

From the crucial decision between a one-kiss or two-kiss greeting, the reach for a high five that ends in a handshake, or the moment you wave across a busy street to the wrong person, there are plenty of embarrassing moments in everyday Irish life that we can all relate to.

The new research findings from Irish Life give insight into what makes the population of Ireland uncomfortable, from home life to social situations, and also work and financial decision making.

Relatable uncomfortable moments at home show that over a third (35%) of parents have had their children reveal embarrassing things about their home life in public, and 25% of parents have felt discomfort doing the dreaded ‘birds and the bees’ talk with their teenage children. A further 20% feel uncomfortable with the way their teenage children dress while heading to a disco.

And despite being known as a nation with the gift of the gab, 26% of Irish people have forgotten the punchline to a joke half way through, and 19% of us are uncomfortable when embarking on the blind date or first date challenge.

The research also revealed that many Irish people aren’t comfortable with financial situations, with over a third of us (37%) uncomfortable asking for a pay rise, and 3 in 5 of us are cautious when it comes to investing.

In response, Irish Life has launched a major campaign to help Irish people get more comfortable investing in three simple and easy steps with Irish Life MAPS, multi-asset portfolio funds available on their investment plans.

“Our research reveals that while 47% of Irish adults have money on deposit, of these, almost half don’t feel their money is working hard enough,” said Karl Symes, Head of Marketing Communications at Irish Life. “We know many of those people would like to find out more about investing and which options could suit best. However it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve developed our three steps to comfortable investing, to make exploring your investment options more accessible. ”

The three steps to comfortable investing, which are available at www.irishlife.ie , are firstly to get your investor profile, secondly matching to the Irish Life MAPS fund that could suit you best, and finally, viewing the range of returns you could expect from the fund.

“With so many of us looking for ways to make our money work harder, you can use your phone or tablet to take our three step guide to investing and see which of our Irish Life MAPS funds could suit you best, before you talk to your financial broker or adviser for more information.” Karl said. “Irish Life MAPS was launched less than three years ago and is now the biggest multi-asset investment fund for personal investors in Ireland. There’s already over 30,000 people who’ve invested in the Irish Life MAPS funds, with a total of over €1.45 billion. With a range of Irish Life MAPS funds to suit people from the cautious to the more adventurous, we’re encouraging people to explore their options and see how Irish Life MAPS fund could help get their money working better, in the way that suits them best. ”

*Research conducted by Coyne Research in March 2016

For more on MAPS visit https://www.irishlife.ie/investments/irish-life-maps

For further information or a copy of the research, please contact:

Amber Brown / Sorcha Furlong, Wilson Hartnell
T: (01) 669 0030 or 087 7799719 (Amber) or 087 6464 008 (Sorcha)
E: amber.brown@ogilvy.com / sorcha.furlong@ogilvy.com
About Irish Life MAPS®

Irish Life MAPS® is a range of unit linked funds, which are available across Irish Life’s pension, investment and savings plans. There are five MAPS® funds, each managed to a specific risk level to suit investors’ risk appetite over time.

The funds range from lower risk, Multi Asset Portfolio 2 (MAP2) to the higher risk Multi Asset Portfolio 6 (MAP6).

As the name suggests, each fund is multi-asset – investing in cash, bonds, low volatility shares, developed market shares, property, emerging market shares and alternatives. The percentage of the total invested in each of these seven asset categories depends on the risk level of the fund.

Irish Life MAPS funds are designed to manage uncertainty through diversification and risk management, and in the event of stock market falls, the Dynamic Share to Cash (DSC)strategy When the DSC identifies greater potential for stock market falls, it reduces the amount invested in shares and increases the amount in cash. Just as importantly, when the DSC model identifies greater potential for stock market recovery, it will move back out of cash and into shares.

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.
Warning: If you invest in these funds you may lose some or all of the money you invest.
Warning: These funds may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.