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Income Protection Claims 2015 in Numbers

Friday, March 4, 2016

We have published our annual claims report where we paid out €204 million to customers and their families affected by injury, illness and death during 2015.  The data, which provides a valuable insight into the health of the nation, includes analysis of the illnesses and conditions that led to payments for 5,449 Life Insurance, Specified Illness Cover and Income Protection claims in 2015.

The average annual Income Protection benefit amount was €19,380.


In the case of Income Protection, mental health illness was the biggest cause of claims paid, accounting for 19% of those unable to work during the year.  Both back pain and cancer were the second most frequent conditions, at 14% for each of these conditions.

Adrian Cardiff, Head of Income Protection Claims in Irish Life commented “Thankfully most workers who become ill or are injured do return to work after an absence. We provide the support and services, alongside employers, to help make this happen. For those unable to return to work for longer periods, we provide financial security through a very difficult time.”