Irish Life pays over €168 million in Claims - Cancer Remains Leading Cause of Death and Illness

Friday, April 11, 2014
  •  €112.4 million paid in Life Insurance for 1,714 deceased customers
  •  €56.4 million paid for 810 Specified Illness Cover claims 
  • That’s €449,800 in Life Insurance claims and €225,600 in Specified Illness Cover claims every working day during 2013  
  • Cancer and heart-related complaints remain the two main overall causes of both Life Insurance and Specified Illness Cover claims
  • Significant gender differences – percentage of heart related conditions for men was double the rate for women 
  • Almost half (47%) of all life cover claims for people under 40 were as a result of accidents  Largest Life Insurance payment was €1.15 million and largest Specified Illness Cover claim was €1.1 million