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2016 - €171 million in claims paid to customers

Death Claims

  • €113.6 million paid out for families of 1,699 people who died.
  • The average payment was €66,880.
  • Cancer was the biggest cause of death claims.
  • Over half of women died from cancer, compared to 41% of men.
  • Accidents were the second biggest cause of death claims for people under 40.

Specified Illness Claims (SIC)

  • €53.6M was paid out in 861 Specified Illness Cover claims.
  • Over a third of claims were to people under age 50.
  • Cancer was the main cause of Specified Illness claims for Women (74%).
  • Men made up 85% of Specified Illness claims for heart related conditions.
  • For men, Prostate Cancer was the main cause of cancer related claims.
  • For women, Breast Cancer was the main cause of cancer realted claims.