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Over 50s Life Insurance

Over 50's Life Insurance is the over 50s Life Cover plan from Irish Life. It provides you with up to €25,000 of life insurance to organise a nest egg for your family, or to pay any outstanding bills you might have after you die.

Over 50s Life Insurance starts from just €15 a month (excluding the 1% government levy) making it really affordable. The costs of your regular payments depend on your age and the amount of cover you choose. You must keep up you payments to stay on cover.

The lump sum is guaranteed and regular payments stops at age 90 but your life insurance cover will continue. You could leave the lump sum to your family and loved ones to help pay the cost of funeral expenses, cover any loans or bills you might still have when you die or to leave a nest egg to grandchildren.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find more information and the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about over 50's life insurance here.

Over 50's Life Insurance Benefits

  • Guaranteed acceptance: All you need is to be aged over 50 and under 80.
  • No Medicals: We don't ask you to take a medical or answer any health questions.
  • Guaranteed lump sum: You choose the amount (up to €25,000 ) you want to be covered for upfront and that's it, done.
  • Quick and easy life insurance: Just choose your cover, fill in your details online and your plan starts - easy.
  • Guaranteed monthly payment: Your monthly payment will never increase.
  • Free cover after 90: We will not collect any monthly payments after you turn 90 but your cover will remain in place.
  • Claims: Because we do not ask you for any medical details or health history when you apply, we can process claims quicker.

Important things to know

  • Plan is only available to residents of the Republic of Ireland.
  • If you die within the first 2 years of the plan, your family will get back what you have paid in only, unless you die in an accident whereby the cover you've selected will be paid.
  • If you stop your monthly payments, you will not continue to be covered.
  • If you cancel your plan at some stage (outside of your cooling off period of 30 days) your monthly payments will not be re-paid.
  • Your monthly payment and your level of cover are fixed from the start and don't change to match inflation.
  • Your plan starts once you've applied online.
  • Your 30 day cooling off period (whereby you can change your mind and cancel your plan) will begin once you have applied online.
  • You will only have Accidental death cover for the first 2 years