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How to Age Well Seminars 2019

In an era where we are all expected to live longer, the GAA, Trinity College Dublin and Irish Life have come together to highlight the secrets to successful ageing through a series of regional seminars.

For example, did you know that people living by the sea are less likely to be depressed? That optimists live longer? That friendship and good social life is as important as low cholesterol for heart disease? That quality of life continues to get better after 50 for almost another 30 years? These nuggets of knowledge, and much more, will be explored by Professor Rose Anne Kenny, a world expert in healthy ageing, as part of this series of public talks entitled ‘How to Age Well: Evidence from TILDA’.

Free talks open to the general public, organised by the GAA’s County Health & Wellbeing Committees, will take place in Longford (March 11), Limerick (March 20), Donegal (March 22), and Mayo and Cork later in 2019 (dates to be confirmed). The content will highlight themes including the importance of exercise, diet, social connectedness, purpose, and location.

To register for the seminars please go to:

Longford: Click here to register

Limerick: Click here to register

Donegal: Click here to register