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Rewirement Core: An Example of Shared Retirement Plan

Written by Marianne Heron with Paul Britton

Amazing how much more achievable a plan seems when you put it down in writing. It helps to refine it down to a single page like the example shown here and to put it somewhere you can see it! Your ideas on Rewirement form the core of your shared retirement plan and now it is the time to add the other elements. You and your partner need to create your plan together and find ways to make it reflect both your needs – this can be challenging as men and women often have different ideas about retirement. If you are single, share your plan with a friend or mentor. Talking it through may well expose flaws that you haven’t seen or, better still, open up new ideas. You will have made a long list. Decide on the most important and keep the rest for later.

Here you can see how Seamus and Maureen have fleshed out the Rewirement core  of their plan adding the things they want to achieve for each leaf of the mandala as set out in each chapter of the guide to create their one-page retirement blueprint.

This excerpt was taken from Rewire Don’t Retire, sponsored by Irish Life and Active Retirement Ireland. You can download the full guide HERE