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Pensions confuse me

Legislation around pensions can be complex and the rules about how much you can pay and how much taxyou might save can be baffling. There are several different types of pension and understanding what kind is right for your circumstances can be difficult.If you are employed, you are entitled by law to have access to some form of pension plan through your job. Many companies provide their staff with an employer or occupational pension plan. If you company does not have one, by law your employer must offer you a standard PRSA.PRSAPRSA stands for 'Personal Retirement Savings Account'. It is essentially a simplified or "off the shelf" pension product with simplified rules and a standard investment strategy that aims to give you a reasonable return on your investment.Still not sure?Why not have a chat with one of our qualified advisors over the phone. We can call you at a time that suits.

If you have questions then talk to a qualified financial advisor now.