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Irish Life MAPS® is our range of five Multi-Asset Portfolio funds, available on our pension and investment plans. Each Irish Life MAPS fund is managed to a specific risk level – now and into the future.

The Self-Invested Fund gives you access to a greater choice of investments than traditional pension funds. It also gives you a greater level of control over how investment decisions are made, such as how assets are allocated.

This map shows claims information from Irish Life in 2015. It is broken down by county. Click the map to see.

You can get a quote for any of our life insurance products - mortgage protection, term life insurance, whole of life insurance and income protection.

If you have existing reviewable life insurance cover it is important to regularly look at your protection needs for the future. We've put together a guide and a video to help you understand how your reviewable protection plan works and help you plan for the future.

Find out more about Irish Life, download various forms, make a complaint, and find out about the claims we pay.

This application aims to help you start to think about how much life insurance you might need and how long you may need it for.