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We've sponsored this guide with Jill Kerby and Karl Deeter featuring useful information, facts and advice on a variety of money topics.

Irish Life MAPS is our range of five Multi-Asset Portfolio funds, available on our pension and investment plans. Each Irish Life MAPS fund is managed to a specific risk level – now and into the future.

The Self-Invested Fund gives you access to a greater choice of investments than traditional pension funds. It also gives you a greater level of control over how investment decisions are made, such as how assets are allocated.

Find out what type of investor you are by trying our Investor Profile builder application. You can download your profile as a PDF.

You can get a quote for any of our life insurance products - mortgage protection, term life insurance, whole of life insurance and income protection.

Life insurance provides financial protection to your dependents (Typically your spouse/partner and children) if you die. Life insurance plans are usually taken out for a fixed term, e.g. 20 years, and pay out a lump sum (The Sum Assured) to your dependents if you die before the end of term.

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Mortgage Life Insurance, commonly known as Mortgage Protection, ensures that your mortgage will be paid off if you die during the term of your plan. Most banks will require that you have mortgage protection in place prior to granting you a mortgage. This plan pays out a cash lump sum if you die during ther term of your plan.