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MAPS: Managing risk to stay on track

Our Investment Managers manage each MAPS fund to the stated level of risk, using processes like quarterly rebalancing and the Dynamic Share to Cash (DSC) model.

Dynamic Share to Cash (DSC)

The Dynamic Share to Cash model is used on all five Multi Asset Portfolio Funds. This innovative model uses a multi-factor approach to identifying long-term stock market trends and movements.

The advantage of having the DSC is that it aims to reduce the amount invested in Global Shares and increase the amount in cash when it identifies greater potential for stock market falls. As importantly, when the DSC identifies greater potential for stock market recovery, it will move back out of cash and into Global Shares.

This innovative solution is a market first in Ireland and our Investment Managers have spent two years developing and testing this model. It is important to note that the DSC looks at long-term movements and trends in the market and is not designed to react to one-off or short-term jumps or shocks. Also, currently DSC applies to Global Shares, though our Investment Managers will continually review this and, in the future, a similar process may apply to other assets.

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