Life Insurance

from Irish Life

The feeling of knowing that your family are covered for life's uncertainties is priceless. 

Life insurance can provide your loved ones with a lump sum in case of your death or certain serious illnesses. 

Financial advisors make it easy to discover which type of insurance is right for you.

Why life insurance feels so good

Feel reassured

A lump sum to make life easier

Financial advisors make it simple

Over €1 billion paid out over the last 5 years

Feature List


Helping you find peace of mind

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One Plan Protection

One policy, one payment, OnePlan. Tailor your insurance so it suits your needs and budget. Combine different types of cover into one plan together with extra benefits such as billcover.  

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Mortgage Protection

Get comfort knowing that you'll benefit from a lump sum to help pay off your mortgage if you die or become seriously ill during the term of your plan.

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Life Long and Term Life Insurance

Choose between Life Long and Term Life Insurance to cover your whole life or a specific period when you need it most.

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Pension Life Insurance

For the people who are currently in work and want a tax-efficient way to leave dependants a lump sum should they die during the term of their plan.

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Income Protection

Remove uncertainty around your income. This provides cover if you can't work due to illness or injury while employed.