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Irish Life MAPS is our innovative range of multi-asset portfolio funds available across our pension, investment and savings plans.

Over 60,000 investors

€4 billion under management

Award-winning fund managers

Ireland's biggest multi-asset retail funds

Source: Irish Life Investment Managers April 2018

Delivering on our promises

Irish Life MAPS was launched in 2013 with investors like you in mind. Five years on, you remain our number one priority and we’re proud to say that our fund manager Irish Life Investment Managers (ILIM) has delivered on all four fund objectives.

  • Choice of five funds
  • Risk Management that caters for everyone, from low to high-risk investors
  • Smoother returns and a long-term view
  • Peace of mind knowing your investment is managed by a team of experts who have your best interests at heart

ILIM is one of our appointed investment managers who manage the Irish Life MAPS funds.

A focus on risk management and identifying new investment opportunities are the priorities for my team, because they make a real difference to what we deliver for investors. 
Anthony MacGuinness, Head of Quantitative Strategies, ILIM

How has your fund performed

Consistently meeting investor expectations has been, and will continue to be, a key to the success of Irish Life MAPS.
David Haslam, Head of Retail, ILIM

Despite the economic crises in Greece, concerns for China’s growth and the market ripples around events like the US presidential election and Brexit vote, Irish Life MAPS funds:

  • Performed well within their expected range of returns, at the five year mark
  • Reached an impressive €4 billion in assets under management and
  • Become Ireland’s biggest multi-asset portfolio retail funds

Source: ILIM April 2018

Source: ILIM. Performance to 31/03/2018. Returns calculated before taxes and product charges. They allow for a management charge of 1.15% (1.05% for MAPS 6). Actual management and product charges will depend on your plan.

How have economic events affected the markets?

David Haslam, Head of Retail, ILIM
Irish Life Investment Managers

The Greek crises (2013 - 2016)
  • Regular rounds of bailout speculation from the European Union and The International Monetary Fund kept Greece in the news.
  • The country was asked to commit to severe budget policies as it faced into the challenge of repaying outstanding debts, totalling almost twice their gross domestic product, at one stage.
 China growth concerns (2015 - 2016)
  • China was a driving force behind some sharp market falls, amid concern for their economic slowdown.
  • Selling pressure on Chinese shares, linked to the removal of trading bans for large shareholders, led to a temporary meltdown in the global stock market, in early 2016.
  • Poorly designed circuit breakers had an adverse effect on global share markets and currency moves also created volatility, over the period.
 BREXIT vote (2016 - 2018)
  • Uncertainty around the impact of BREXIT on the UK and European economies created concern for some forecasters. This eased with the announcement of a transition deal and we’ve seen many of the major issues resolved.
  • The Irish question still looms large, along with the future framework for trade and the successful conclusion of the Article 50 deal.
 Donald Trump’s presidency (2016 - 2018)
  • It would be hard to comment on the past five years without mentioning the new leader of the free world, who against all odds was elected the 45th US President. Trump’s leadership style created initial concern and an uncertain outlook, but tax cuts and other initiatives gave way to a more optimistic attitude to the US and global economies.
  • More recently, fears of a global trade war have emerged however, as a result of Trump’s proposed changes to tariff rules.
 US inflation and interest rate rises (February 2018)
  • A surprise rise in US wages led to fear of higher inflation (because it could cause quicker, steeper interest rate rises) and was the initial cause of a correction in stock markets. In the days that followed, selling pressure was increased by the largest ever one-day rise in stock market volatility.
  • Markets stabilised as pressure eased and the general outlook for economic growth and earnings remained positive.

Is your fund performing as expected?

Irish Life MAPS performance versus expected range of returns
  • The five year range of expected annualised performance (95% of the time) back in May 2013
  • The actual annualised performance of MAPS since May 2013

Source: ILIM. Performance to 31/03/2018. The returns are calculated before taxes and product charges.They allow for a management charge of 1.15% (1.05% for MAP6). The actual fund management and product charge will depend on your plan.

Setting and managing expectations is important, so your Irish Life MAPS fund comes with a detailed range of returns, monthly fund factsheets and quarterly updates - keeping you informed on how your investment is performing, every step of the way. All five funds have delivered stable performances within the expected range of returns.

ILIM attribute much of this success to the dedicated fund management team, responsible for:

  • Looking after your investment day-to-day
  • Finding new opportunities for growth
  • Helping build steady returns and
  • Reviewing the funds to make sure they always work hard for you

Your award-winning fund management team 

When it comes to peace of mind, there’s comfort in knowing your investments have the full support of Irish Life Investment Managers, a multi award-winning team, recognised internationally for its expertise, innovation and investment track record.

It’s my job to focus on developing risk strategies within MAPS that will effectively manage the impact of events in the ever-changing global stock markets.

Darragh O’Dowd, MAPS Portfolio Manager, ILIM

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