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About Irish Life MAPs

Irish Life MAPS are a range of unit linked funds, which are available across our pension, investment and savings plans. There are five MAPS funds. Each fund is managed to a specific risk level meaning there should be a fund to suit your risk appetite and this fund will continue to suit your selected risk appetite over time.These range from lower risk, Multi Asset Portfolio 2 (MAP2) to the higher risk Multi Asset Portfolio 6 (MAP6). As the name suggests, each fund is multi-asset - investing in shares, bonds, cash and alternatives. Each fund uses our Investment Manager's Dynamic Share to Cash model (DSC).

Range of Multi Asset Portfolio Funds


Irish Life MAPS aims to manage the uncertainty during your investment journey. Find out the possible returns you might expect over different time periods for each MAPS fund.

Irish Life's Investment Managers manage each MAPS fund to the stated level of risk, using processes like quarterly re-balancing and the Dynamic Share to Cash (DSC) model.