Approaching retirement

If you're looking forward to finishing work in the next few years, this is your last opportunity to tweak and tailor your pension plan for the best possible chance at a financially secure retirement. Plus, it's the last change for eligible taxpayers to get up to 40% income tax relief. 


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Consider your options

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Retirement lump sum

You can take a retirement lump sum, some or all of which may be tax-free. The amount depends on the type of pension plan you have.

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Buy a pension for life (annuity)

When you hear people talking about a pension, this is what they usually mean. A pension for life is a regular income paid to you for the rest of your life.

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Approved retirement fund (ARF)

With an ARF, you control your retirement fund and can invest it in a wide range of different investment funds. You can also make withdrawals when you need them. And because you own your fund, you can leave it to your dependants when you die.

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Receive a taxable cash sum

Depending on your type of pension, you may be able to take the rest of your fund in one go after the retirement lump sum. You will need to pay income tax at your highest rate, USC, PRSI (if this applies) and any other taxes or government levies applicable on the lump sum at the time.

Plan for your lifestyle

Consider AVCs (Additional Voluntary Contributions)

Take advantage of tax relief

Think about combining your pensions

Getting ready for retirement

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