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Pension Products from Irish Life

Irish Life is the No.1 choice in Ireland for pensions, based on Market Share in 2014. Every year Irish life Assurance pay out more pension benefits to Irish people than anyone else, apart from the State. We offer a wide range of pension products from company pensions, PRSAs and products for when you reach retirement. Find the pension that's right for you. Information on our plans, as well as our self invested fund option, can be found below.

A Personal Retirement Savings Account, commonly known as a PRSA, is a simple personal pension plan.

A company pension is a plan for all employees set up by the employer and where the employer makes payments into it on behalf of employee.

If you have a pension at work and wish to invest more money into your retirement planning, you can pay an additional voluntary contribution.

Among your options at retirement, you can choose to invest in an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) or an Approved Minimum Retirement Fund.