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  • Where details are given in respect of the Irish Life Product range it should be noted that this is merely given for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer by Irish Life to any visitor to this site. Anyone requiring further information on products is requested to contact their Irish Life Account manager, or telephone Irish Life Broker Services at 01 704 2000.
  • Anyone communicating with Irish Life using the Internet should be aware of the possibility that unauthorised persons may intercept any such email communications. In the light of this possibility, confidentiality of information transmitted in this way cannot be guaranteed.
  • In order to process your request for a preliminary quotation, we may need, where it is considered necessary, to provide information concerning this transaction to any company within the Irish Life Group (a financial services group principally comprising Life Assurance and Personal Finance companies) or to a credit reference agency. In addition, we may hold and process information in connection with this request and may hold and process same for administrative, customer care and service purposes. By proceeding with the application you will be deemed to have accepted this condition. Top
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General Security Overview/Advice

Security and client confidentiality are prime concerns in any development. Careful attention is paid to any potential risk areas and we make extensive use of technologies, such as secure certificates (SSL), to control access to the system and protect the IRISH LIFE Network from unauthorised access.

The IRISH LIFE Network is protected by a firewall system, which forms a barrier between the outside Internet and the internal network. The purpose of a firewall is to ensure only authorised traffic is allowed to pass to IRISH LIFE systems and networks - all other traffic from the Internet is rejected.

The firewall verifies the source and destination of each network packet, and determines whether or not to let the packet through. Access is denied if the packet is not directed at a specific, available service. The firewall is used to shield the IRISH LIFE internal network from the Internet. The security system includes the use of a secure browser to access information and perform transactions. It allows for the transfer of digitally signed certificates for authentication procedures and provides message integrity, so that information cannot be tampered with in transit. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari are all secure browsers.

Secure browsers employ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to communicate with servers. This technology encrypts (scrambles) your information so it's virtually impossible for anyone other than IRISH LIFE to read it.

Customer Security Tips

Any unusual account activity or discrepancies between your records and our records should be notified to IRISH LIFE immediately. Telephone 01 704 1010.

How I can protect myself?

Don't share your User ID, PIN or password information.

Never reveal your User ID, PIN or password information to anyone. Never write it down where anyone can find it or figure out what it is. Never access the 'My Online Services' site from an untrusted computer that an untrusted individual may have access to.

In addition, you should make sure that no one is physically watching as you enter your User ID, PIN and password information.

Corporate Structure

The Irish Life group to which this websites relates consists of:

  • Irish Life Financial Services Limited, Registered Office - Lower Abbey Street, PO Box 129, Freepost, Dublin 1. Registered Number 489221
  • Irish Life Assurance plc, Registered Office - Lower Abbey Street, PO Box 129, Freepost, Dublin 1. Registered Number 152576

Irish Life Social Media Terms and Conditions

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